Exploring the unconscious can be an illuminating experience…

Take the first step towards positive change!

You do not need to have a specific problem to speak to a counsellor, although many people may have gone through specific experiences such as grief and trauma. The question is, how do I handle my busy life-style without building up unnecessary stress and anxiety?

Line-link Counselling Services is not the stereotypical therapy session you may expect.  Incorporating counselling with energy healing, it offers the secure environment you need to address any outstanding or dormant issues.

Qualified and experienced therapeutic counselling focusing on a wide range of issues.

Combined with the counselling setting, you can also receive a healing experience where Susan will link into your aura or energy field to release any blockages connected with mind body or spirit.

Always remember, these sessions are not rigid.  Specific issues or vague memories – Susan will go at your own pace and help you address your thoughts and feelings.

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