6 simple ways to set your goals for success in 2017

  1. GOAL SETTING : Get motivated ! Life-coaching is an effective way of setting and reviewing our goals for the year ahead and finding improvements to our daily routine, helping us to re-evaluate how to use our time more effectively.
  2. REFLECT : Try to assess where changes can be made. Be realistic and kind to yourself! Small steps are better than an overwhelming list of goals and make outcomes more likely. Set a positive intention and make it fun !
  3. CLEAR UP  : Sort out your office and home and throw out anything that is not needed. It’s amazing how much junk can be accumulated throughout the year ! Dusting down the cobwebs also has a profound effect on the mind, creating space for new ideas.
  4. DEVISE A PLAN : Set written reminders of your new ideas. In our busy schedule, it is possible to overlook the best of intentions. You are far more likely to succeed with your new year’s resolutions if you are prompted to review your list!
  5. MEDITATE : Take at least 5 minutes of your day in quiet meditation. Clearing the mind allows new thoughts to enter and is a brilliant anti-stress exercise.
  6. EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME : Attend a course, read The Secret, affirmations and positive thinking – All these things will help to create a positive intention, reminding us to create a more manageable, fulfilling routine!

If you would like to book an appointment with me to help guide you through the goal setting and, most importantly, the goal achieving process, you can send me an email to linelink@hotmail.co.uk or give me a call at 57484000.