We are living in a time where mindfulness is more important than ever  . Stress and pressures of our daily lives can detach us from our inner selves, affect those around us, and restrict  the pleasure of living in the present moment.   Of course, we are also constantly distracted by the non-stop flow of distractions from our phones and devices.

Being in the present moment releases us from the fear of past and future events, brining us more in touch with the ‘now’ and what is going on around us.

Here are six simple ways you can begin sharpening your intuition:

  1. Practice Mindfulness:   We are all born naturally intuitive, it is a survival skill that we all possess and can  become out of touch with as our lives get busier.  It is whether we choose to use or lose it!  Like any other skill, intuition needs nurturing, and practicing mindfulness can greatly enhance our ability to act from our higher self – making positive outcomes more likely.
  2. Prayer and Meditation:   Prayer is where we make our requests and the calm of meditation is where we receive our answers.  One useful technique is to hold a question in your mind and take just 10 minutes out of each day to silence your mind and meditate on the answer.  Intuition is boosted when we switch off from the ‘ego’ (all thought is ego related) and turn inwards to our spiritual selves.  You will find that your subconscious mind will work to find the solution in your quietest moments.
  3. Study:   Find your chosen topic and read up on it.  Books, courses, workshops, seminars, and counsellors like myself, all offer different avenues for self-help. It also allows us to connect with like-minded people – and it’s fun!
  4. Keep a Dream Diary:   A lot can be learned from our unconscious mind.  During dream sleep (and even day-dreams) we get clues from our daily experiences and queries.  As a counsellor, my job is to help you put the pieces of the jigsaw together to give you a clearer understanding of how to proceed with life’s challenges.  Try to remember your dreams, and keep a notebook beside your night-stand.
  5. Affirmations, Gratitude and Positive Thinking:   We all should take time to look at the good in our lives and focus on it for a while; really look at it and feel grateful. We all attract what we focus on, so dwelling on the negative brings more of the same.  Look back on your day and focus on being grateful for the things that have gone well.   Every little joy builds on the good – making positive outcomes more likely.  Get in the Vibe!
  6. Healing:   Energy healing is a perfectly natural form of relaxation that boosts the body’s healing abilities.  It can train the mind to switch off from every day problems, in order to clear a space for the “essence of you”.  Healing raises the vibrational frequency of the body, helping you to heal mind, body and spirit.  Energy healing also increases our natural intuition and promotes wellbeing.

I hope that you have found value from this article.  If you would like to know more and develop your natural intuition, or learn about  energy healing, or know more about any of the tools mentioned in the above points, you can book an appointment with me here.