“I am often asked by clients to provide simple and manageable advice for coping with stress and anxiety between counselling sessions. Easy life-coaching techniques can make such a difference on the path to enlightenment, helping us to cope and making us more able to find our answers”


  1. BREATHE!! When we think that our thoughts are running away with us, our breathing becomes shallow and irregular. Take time to breathe deeper into the lungs and exhale slowly.   This will control your breathing, release the tension and put you in a calmer, more centred state of mind.
  1. DRINK WATER!   Studies have suggested that dehydration could be a cause of anxiety and stress.   Our body is composed of 85% water, so increasing our water intake may help to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety.

  1. REST OR MEDITATE:   Put your anxious energy to use! Try to use your energy towards something productive and self-fulfilling. Feeling anxious can drain your energy so try some simple relaxation techniques. A brief nap or simply closing our eyes with the intention of calming our thoughts can have a profound effect on our general well being. Quietening the mind allows us to find new outlets to negative patterns.  Meditation is an good way to unwind and focus. Worry is a habit created in the mind and can be controlled.Natural therapies such as Energy Healing, provided by Line-Link Counselling Services, proves to be an excellent means of relaxation. This helps us to find our answers more easily.
  1. VISIT YOUR DOCTOR: Some conditions such as asthma, dizzy spells and unchecked blood pressure can be mistaken for anxiety. A general check-up may eliminate this risk.

  1. EXERCISE:   A simple walk in the park can help to distract the mind from the onset of anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain – the feel good hormone!

  1. COUNSELLING: Working through feelings of anxiety is essential for future well-being. Some anxieties may not even be easily identified and buried deep in the subconscious mind. Exploring our thoughts and feelings of life events can be a liberating experience, enabling us to move on with confidence and enjoy our God given right to peace and happiness!